10 Minutes of Useless Information about Smash Ultimate

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Random facts? We've got loads of 'em! Here's 10 minutes of them with no context. Watch the rest of my channel well, context! And other stuff.

I really liked the idea of this format, and I honestly felt like I was the only one really in any position to make this type of video for Smash. I dunno if I'll do a "15 minute" variant anytime soon since I don't wanna use EVERY fact I've gone over on the channel, and I sorta ran myself dry making this one. But maybe that's a project for the future? Who can say.

Regardless, I hope you enjoyed this nice little refresher, a compact group of like 45 random facts for the game. And I'm real excited to get some Sephiroth facts going, character looks sick, and his trailer blew me away

Z-Axis Glitch video:

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