23 Halloween Skins & 10 Spooky Stage Mods - Super Smash Bros. Wii U Mod Showcase #8

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Welcome to "Mod Fridays"! A show were we take a look at some of the coolest character skins, custom stages, custom voices and more for Super Smash Bros. Wii U! Mod Fridays will be out every other Friday, but may sometimes be posted earlier on Thursday,or later on Saturday.
Devilish Battlefield:
Nightmare Castle Avalon Entrance:
Mystic Mansion:
Ruined World:
Bridge of Eldin: Hell Edition:
Night-Time Castle Siege:
Duck Hunt Stage Recolor:
Midnight Hyrule 64:
Undead Luigi:
Zombie Rag Doll Bowser Jr:
Gengar Fan Lucas:
Dry Diddy Kong:
Halloween Rosalina:
Halloween Peach:
Creepy Spider Lady:
Witch Hat Jigglypuff:
Pac O' Lantern:
Pumpkin Meta Knight:
Undead Ike:
Halloween Marth:
Halloween Shulk:
Gengar Jigglypuff:
Mega Gengar Mewtwo:
Boo Kirby:
Dry Bowser:
Halloween Jigglypuff:
Halloween Lucas:
Halloween Ness:
Halloween Toon Link:
Black Tipped Halloween Trails:
Dry Bowser Voice:
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