#8: Minecraft "Beginner to Pro" - The Ultimate END guide

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This is the Minecraft survival guide for everyone, Even minecraft bedrock players can follow this series and learn something about the minecraft and In this survival guide I am going to give you guys minecraft tips and tricks to become a pro player in minecraft. This is the series where I teach everything about minecraft for a beginner to pro minecraft series.

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Episode 8
This is ultimate guide for the minecraft end, To access the endless elytras and end cities, I present you with the complete ultimate guide from finding enderpearls and making eye of ender to finding the stronghold and killing the enderdragon to open the endcity gateway and getting access to unlimited endcitites and elytras. In short everything you need to know about the minecraft end.

I will teach :
- how to find ender pearls
- how to make eye of enders
- how to find strong hold
- how to find end portal
- how to go in end
- how to kill ender dragon

And thats all you need to know about the minecraft end, minecraft the end, this doesnt mean that I will be ending the minecraft tips and tricks series here as this series will progress even better from now on :)

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