AQ40 Boss & Strategy Discussion w/ Ayle & Bel | Classic WoW

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In this video/podcast, Melderon is joined by vanilla veterans Ayle (ONSLAUGHT - NA/Skeram) and Bel (LOWERCASE - NA/Earthfury) to discuss the overall strategy for AQ40 including bosses, trash, and consumable preparation.

0:00 Introductions & General Overview
9:15 AQ40 aesthetics and environment
15:19 Overall strategy and Nature Resistance
21:59 AQ40 Trash and Navigation
32:00 The Prophet Skeram
38:02 Bug Trio
43:29 Battleguard Sartura
47:58 Fankriss
52:45 Viscidus
1:01:52 Princess Huhuran
1:06:57 The Twin Emperors
1:17:23 Ouro
1:21:27 C’thun
1:36:10 Armaments Discussion
1:40:22 Closing Remarks

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