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Banda Ramudu Full Movie Starring Sr NTR, Mahanati Savitri, Rajanala and others. Once there was a kingdom ruled by king named Relangi. Rajanala is the minister of that kingdom. Rajanala is the evil agency in this plot. He harasses beautiful girls in that kingdom. some how he fell in affection with savitri. he want her to sleep with him. But she warns & opposes him. Any how Rajanala angry over her and kidnaps her. Ramudu(NTR) is a thief and robs ornaments and money in the houses of that kingdom. NTR changed himself by listening to a saint words and decided not say lies. Savitri escapes from that evil minister with the help of NTR. Then they fell in love with each of the movie you can see in your favourite teluguone. #SrNTRMovies
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