BRUTAL DOOM v21 - Ascent of Titan [100% SECRETS]

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BRUTAL DOOM v21 together with Ascent Of Titan by DavidXN on the Ultra-Violence difficulty level with 100% Secrets achieved and a Good ending. Ascent of Titan is a mappack for Doom II Hell On Earth that replaces maps from 00 to 08, the 00 is a secret level "Slipgate Complex" E1M1 from Quake 1. The difficulty curve exists in this mappack, first four maps (plus secret) are not that difficult no Archviles at all and plenty of space to fight in techbase setting. But a real challenge begins when you enter a fifth map where experiments of teleporters occured, a not so big level with a dark and gloomy atmosphere, skill required. There are several smaller rooms that require a particular awareness and skills, for example you are in the middle of small room on a small island, when demons are attacking you. One of the teleporters might send you to a really strange place, surely this is not a part of the and there is something really strange waiting for you, do not fight it, run. Since that level, you are in eye of the main boss of this mappack - an Archdevil, a really strange and almost immortal creature that you have absolutely no chance to fight now. You will meet Archdevil again at the end of Frozen Ascent level, but this is way harder than before - the only escape for you is a slow elevator, just evade and run from Archdevil! It is impossible to harm him till the last level, not only he can hurt you with improved Archvile attack, but he also can revive multiple monsters at the same time later, yikes. When you finally enter his lair at the end, he has to recover energy after a revival of monsters, more monsters to revive the more often he is vulnerable for your attacks. BUT, to trigger the good ending in this mappack you must do the following - instead of killing Archdevil on sight, you must do some running around map to destroy the Altar for good.

00:05 - MAP01 Decayed Starport
04:05 - MAP02 Hydroelectric Dam
12:50 - MAP03 Marine Laboratory
22:15 - MAP04 Slime Factory
32:55 - MAP05 Transporter Facility
45:40 - MAP00 Slipgate Complex
49:15 - MAP06 Frozen Ascent
01:03:57 - MAP07 Peak Outpost
01:16:00 - MAP08 Cruel Stratum

Brutal Doom v21 -
Ascent of Titan -
Revolver -
Ripper Chaingun -
Devastator -
Advanced Backpack -
Dox778's personalized Brutal Doom -
Flashlight -
SimpleHUD addons -
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