Building a Double Sink Bathroom Vanity, Shaker Soft Close Doors and Soft Close Drawers. Master Bath!

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Our master bathroom only has a single basin vanity and #theWife and I have been wanting to build a new vanity that sports a double basin sink countertop with some more drawers. So today we are Building a Double Sink Bathroom Vanity, Shaker Soft Close Doors and Soft Close Drawers.

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Double Basin Vanity Plans:
My method for perfect plywood drawers:
My video on how to joint wide boards:
@Stumpy Nubs Video on Jointers:

This vanity is built from a combination of solid wood and plywood panels, solid wood for the visible frame and plywood for the larger panel portions. The doors are solid wood with solid wood bookmatched panels and look great! The drawers are 1/2" plywood and, like the doors, have soft close hardware.

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Tools I Use (affiliate links):

Mixing-Mate Paint Lid: ​
True Position Tool Hardware Jig:
Tool Belt: ​
IsoTunes Xtra: ​
Kreg R3: ​
Kreg K5: ​
Kreg Foreman: ​
Kreg ACS Track Saw: ​
Kreg Drawer Slide Jig: ​
Kreg Drawer Pull Jig: ​
Kreg Screws: ​
Kreg Clamps: ​
Switchpod (mini tripod): ​
Moisture Meter: ​
FastCap 16oz Glue Bot: ​
FastCap 4oz Babe Bot: ​
Swanson Combination Square: ​
Bessey Quick Clamps: ​
FastCap Tape Measure: ​

Items specific to the finishing setup:
Fuji Q5 5 Stage Turbine Spray System: ​
Harbor Freight Toolbox: ​
3M Full face Respirator: ​
3M Organic Vapor Cartridge: ​
3M PPS Fitting #18 - 26054 (for T70) ​
3M PPS Fitting #2 26003 (for T75G) ​
3M 177 ml Pressurized H/O Cup - 26121 ​
3M 850 ml Pressurized H/O Cup - 26124 ​
3M PPS Large Cup Ratio Inserts - 16091 ​
3M PPS 13. 5 oz Mix Ratio Insert - 16155 ​
3M PPS 2. 0 Cup Lid - 26204 for 177 H/O Cup ​
3M PPS Cup/Cap/Liner/ Lid Standard ​
3M PPS 2. 0 13. 5 oz Midi Liner ​
3M PPS mini liner ​

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