Building the Death Pit - WarezUK Mod - 7 Days to Die - #LiveStream #Now #VOD

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#7daystodie #zombie #horde #vod

Hey Slayers, again we're on 7 Days to die ready to smash some more zombies, hangout with the team and have some fun. If you would like to join us, then please feel free to leave a comment in the chat and we''ll get you in. Dont forget we have full interactive chat , so please type !help to get the commands.

Game : 7 Days to die

Multiple games livestream with interactive chat.

Chat games !raffle
!defuse (colour)
!gamble (1-12) (bet value)
!heist (bet value)
Chat commands !slaps
Auto lottery every hour

Dont forget to join in the Discord Community and have a laugh with us.
Discord @

Please dont forget to checkout other players channels:

ade1772 -
Tom -

Many thanks to all new subbers, and dont forget to please LIKE and SUB , and tickle the BELL to get notified :)

Happy Slaying
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