Car Boot Hunting ▪ Boot Sales are BACK!│What will I find...│GoPro Footage│Profit Hunting!│Episode 15

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I hope you all enjoyed my latest video! I will usually be uploading one or two videos every week as the videos usually take a long time to edit and modify. Come Profit Hunting with me!

If there is anything you are interested in buying in which you see in one of my videos, message me on one of my social media's or leave a comment below.
10% off YouTube Customers!

Stay tuned for another Giveaway at 500 Subscribers! I greatly appreciate all the support from Resellers and Viewers. The goal of my channel is to entertain everyone and to encourage teenagers to try reselling and hopefully succeed.

If you have any queries/questions please message me on Facebook or Instagram.

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What do I use for my YouTube/ Hobby?

GoPro Hero 3+

Samsung S7 Edge Phone

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100x Grey "6 X 9" Game/DVD Mailing Bags

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Silverline Precision Phone Repair Kit 16pc

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Jiffy Bags


Clear Tape 4pk

Apple iMac " 2011

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Logitech M205 Mouse


Apple Magic Keyboard

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Parcel Scales

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My Favorite Reseller YouTubers

- Closet Geek

- 2AussieThrifters

- Nic & Andrea Hills

- Cookie & The Haydens

- George Ross - Retro Reselling

- Zaheer Malik

- Master of Pieces

- RummageAround

- eBay reseller Sandwell

- James Collects



- thevinegarjar

- dB Resells

- Redneck Resale

- TACSHACK Tom Currie

- Adventures in Reselling - Victoria

- Nolan Sells

- The Northern Reseller

- Flipping Sloth

- NE Reseller

- Dans a lot of tat sales

- Small Space Reselling

- Pommy Pickers

- CarBootMania

- Peter Wray's Adventures

- Money Mental UK

- Reselling, Life and Adventure

- retrobootdisc

- Garage Flips

- The Extreme Booters

- The Reselling Whiteboy

- RummageAround

- bin boot sale pickin

- Chase After The Right Price

- Cincinnati Picker

I've been TheResellerKid and I'm signing out!

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