Casting Aluminum DOOM SWORD - Crucible (Doom Eternal)

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There are two Crucibles in Doom Eternal:

The one from 2016, referred to by Hayden as the "demonic Crucible," is kept in the ARC base following the Hell assault on Earth; the Doom Slayer takes it with him along with Hayden's remains. After Khan Maykr cuts the power aboard the Fortress of Doom, the Doom Slayer uses the demonic Crucible as an alternative power source, allowing him to restore his base's functionality (albeit with red lights instead of blue). Hayden notes the irony of the Crucible (a powerful source of Argent Energy, which the Doom Slayer has vowed to destroy) being used to facilitate the Slayer's mission.

The second Crucible is the personal weapon of the Doom Slayer himself, having been wielded during his time as a Night Sentinel. He lost the weapon after using it to slay a Titan on Argent D'Nur, which marked the start of his legend among the Sentinels. Needing the Crucible's power once more, the Slayer returns to the scene of the battle and breaks off the hilt of his weapon to avoid resurrecting the Titan. After reforging the Crucible's blade and marking it with his emblem, he can use it as a weapon, notably wielding it to deliver the final blow against the Icon of Sin.

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