Crash Bandicoot 4: It's About Time! (Livestream) #6

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Hi people, Welcome to my debate-ably fun Youtube channel. On my channel you will find a variety of fun games which from time to time i play with subs. For example, Minecraft, Rocket League, Crash Bandicoot etc. I tend to stream at 2pm BST - 5pm BST (However, if a spooky stream occurs it will be at 8pm BST). I hope you enjoy my channel and great community!

The following rules are mandatory that you follow them or else you will meet a swift ban:

1. No Caps
2. Keep swearing on the down low not too much
3. No racism or offensive phrases
4. No asking for mod (If you ask you don't get)
5. Be friendly to each new viewer
6. No spam
7. No Self promotion unless i do it for you
8. If i don't read your message don't cry
9. No flirting with other viewers please. do that outside of stream

1. Be friendly to each mod. To have a great mod team we must work together
2. No boasting about mod
3. Be semi-frequent to the streams
4. Don't be creepy.
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