Digital Transformation Strategy

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How To Make a Digital Transformation Strategy in 2020

This is the most detailed digital transformation case study ever published on YouTube. An inspiring story of how an amazing leader transformed her business. This video offers practical insights with data-driven insights and digital transformation frameworks.

Created by Digital transformation executive education and advisory company. We work with businesses all over the world to make them profitable in the digital economy.

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Video Contents:
0:00 How to make a digital transformation strategy
1:54 Digital transformation case study
4:17 Digital transformation strategy frameworks
11:46 How to use data in digital transformation
21:16 Digital transformation strategy software
27:38 Innovation and digital transformation
31:40 Digital mindset courses for leaders
33:57 Digital transformation strategic business models
39:06 Artificial Intelligence in digital transformation

The 7 Principles of Digital Business Strategy framework is available here for printing:
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