Doom Eternal - ALL Series 13 Skins (Tropic Like It's Hot Event)

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This video shows all skins, podiums, and any other cosmetic item that will be a part of series 13 for Doom Eternal. The Tropic Like It's Hot Event includes the Hotdogcubus Mancubus Master Collection Skin, the Seafoam Archvile skin, the Viperfish Marauder, and the Marine Blue Slayer Skin. Series 13 for Doom Eternal will last until June 24th. For more information, visit the Slayers Club link below.

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Doom Eternal Series 13 Skins
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Doom Eternal Series 13 All Skins
Doom Eternal Hot Dog Mancubus
Doom Eternal Hotdogcubus Skin
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