DOOM: Eternal - Mission Select gameplay

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Welcome to the stream! Hopefully you'll be able to see many more of these!

The Hell invasion on Mars has been stopped by Doomguy, but the demons are out for revenge! As the demon army once again attempts to destoy humanity, it's up to Doomguy to save the day by beating the living crap out of Hell and its hellspawn. The hellish arsenal is equipped with many new demons for Doomguy to face, but also reintroduces some familliar faces like Arachnotrons and Pain Elementals. Most importantly however, Hell brought back the scariest and worst demon of all: the Arch-Vile!

Goal: Kick some demon ass, and don't get zapped by the Arch-Vile's devil magic!

Game info:
DOOM: Eternal (2020)

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Intro/outro songs:
Michael Markie - Shub
Eris Falling - Blood Rush

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#Doom #DoomEternal
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