FIBREGLASS REPAIR of a 3 Foot Crack Under the Water Line (S2 E41 Barefoot Sail and Dive)

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In this episode of Barefoot Sail and Dive we work on fibreglassing the 3 foot crack we exposed under the water line. This fibreglass repair takes a lot of patience and a lot of layers as it is quite deep into the hull. Davy will be doing a double sided repair on this section. Once the outside is finished he will grind back from the inside and do a repair there (probably in a few weeks time!)
Lots of sanding and faring is yet to be done.

This week we've also gone to the dog sanctuary with little Scruffy from the yard. Scruffy is a little grey dog, she is the last one of the boatyard pack to be spayed. Dogs and Cats of the Dominican Republic is an organization that tries to help as many animals in the DR to live better lives. Every month they have a free parasite clinic and this month they had a free spay and neuter clinic for the street dogs.
If you are interested in helping the local dogs and cats in the DR head to their website

Our friends on Little Sister also got hauled out this week in the rain. And we have had many rainy days. Everything feels wet and it's actually been sweater weather!

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