Flybear P-38 - Brushless 3-channel mod - 2nd Test Flight (Success!)

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OK. She's a flyer. And then some. I took it to the small field today, low winds and sun shining. A good day to fly.

(Build videos begin here: )

And fly, it did. The plane felt nice with lots of control but not too much. MAYBE a little less aileron for relaxing flight, but I had no trouble with over-controlling as it sits. Working rudders would be nice but would add more weight and complexity. I plan no further changes in the aircraft short of adding decals or something.

I DO want to try a bigger battery for longer flight time and less stress on same. The current 390mAh was quite warm afterwards, and I could feel the power dropping halfway through the flight. I need to look at 500-600mAh packs to see if anything will fit. Gotta feed two hungry 0905 outrunners and 7A ESCs.

I felt a little uncomfortable at first for some reason. I think I just needed to get use to the plane with it's higher wing loading. It really grew on me after awhile. Twins are fun x 2.

NOTE: I always do a full power test before a flight. A few times I found the ESC throttle range reset, possibly from turning off the TX before unplugging the plane battery first. One motor speeds up before the other does then cuts out at full stick. That would not be fun in the air.

 So I always check first, and on occasion have had to set throttle range on the spot first as I had to do today. No biggie, as you just do it when plugging in the Li-Po. Good tip to remember with custom electric twins.

 I'm sure glad I built this one. I've always loved the "Fork-tail Devil" since I built a model of one around 1967. I didn't know it would be so involved to reach my goal, but I had fun all the way getting there.

Anyway, I declare the (no longer a Flybear) brushless P-38 Lightning project a success. Sorry it took so long to complete, but some parts were delayed in shipping and these are odd times. Take care and stay healthy!

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