FS19 | Old Equipment Mods (2020-08-02) - review

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Farming Simulator 19
Old Equipment Mods (2020-08-02) - review
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--- I always use the modder’s ONLY ORIGINAL mods site link, if i have it. Please let me know if there’s a problem with the link! ---

SLEZA 1000
Author: stefan ANDREI1994, Marcin345,pawlo101299,RomeG,Banana Joe Modding

A very old sprayer which clearly does not have section cut-off and any other technology.

Characteristics :
- Price: 450
- volume: 1000l
- work width: 18m

Quivogne T25 - 17 3 Rows

price: 4000
work width:
power needed: 90hp

Kuhn SR 112 Wheel Rake
Author: wademitch,xyzspain,polygonish

Windrowers of this type never go very wide.

Characteristics :
- Price: 15000
- work width:

Rhino AG V Rake
Author: wademitch, TJ n BK Modding, JFL Modding, Polygonish

The Rhino AG V is one of the largest rakes of its type.

Characteristics :
- Price: 25000
- work width: 12m

BIZON Z020 towable
Author: Junkers

A BIZON Z020 that can be attached to small tractors to start harvesting without too much investment.

Characteristics :
- Price: 4500 & 1200 header
- volume 1500l

The Official GAME website:

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