Goom Boot Grotto + cake | 4YMM | SMM2

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► Title: [4YMM] Goom Boot Grotto
► Creator: BuilderM
► Description: A traditional style Zelda dungeon. Use the 1st CP to save red coins.
► Code: PLR-X9V-NQG

► 4YMM Link:
► 4YMM Description: Many players have asked for a Zelda Maker ever since the release of Mario Maker 1. However, the closest thing we have to a Zelda Maker, as of now, is the link power up in Mario Maker 2. So is it possible to make a traditional zelda dungeon level? Well, thanks to scroll stop you can. Join Link as he embarks on an adventure in this stiletto shaped dungeon. The level features a map and a surprise item that makes it feel like a traditional zelda dungeon level.

0:00 Playthrough
5:38 Cake
6:13 Playthrough
6:40 Bossfight

Thanks for watching!
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You can also just tune into a stream to submit it live, ofcourse.

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