How to Get the Paintseed Launcher Pack AJPW| Princess Pink Playz| Night of the Phantoms 2020

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Lol I made this video in kind of a hurry so sorry for sloppy editing :^ Who joined the phantom party at 5pm PST time? Did you get 10 sapphires and a phantom festival party hat too?
Who thought the party was yesterday? Comment down below! :D Lets kill some phantoms this night of the phantoms!

Music in this video does not belong to me
Pink colour word song:

Moon flower:
From kinemaster app

Like for more Night of the Phantoms videos :D
Anyways toodles :]

Edit 10/10/20: Ayyyy dis vid has 52 views? Wha-? Lol i guess a bunch of ppl are googling how and my video's near the top of the search somehow. Tysm people viewing this vid it means a lot to me. Peeps will probably stop viewing this video tomorrow tho :[
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