How to host your FREE Minecraft Server using Google Cloud (2021) *FULL GUIDE*

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-- How to open up your console --
1) Connect to SSH
2) Type the following command:
sudo -s
cd /home
cd minecraft
screen -d mcs (Optional)
screen -r (If doesn't work do screen -r mcs)

-- Starting up your server --
java -Xmx6000M -Xms4000M -jar nogui
(Xmx = Max RAM)
(Xms = Min RAM)
(Depends on how much RAM you have on your VM, be sure to give some RAM reserved for your VM. I prefer 8GB for your VM and 6GB for your server)

Link used:

-- Timestamp --
Intro: 0:00
Setting up your Google Cloud: 0:32
Creating VM: 1:55
Connecting to SSH: 4:37
Installing and Setting up : 7:54
Creating Firewall rule: 11:48
Logging to your server: 13:15
Hosting your server 24/7: 15:28
Bonus Clip: Getting a dedicated server IP: 18:36

Music used:
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