How To Make Mods 2A: Character Skins | Scrap Mechanic Mods (tutorial) [OLD]

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Learn how to make mods for Scrap Mechanic!
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* This series is intended for beginners and up *

This is lesson 2 (part 1).
In this video, I quickly go through the files you need to edit to make a custom character skin.

Lesson 2 Part 2 is here:

* Lesson 2 will be the last of the DIF texture editing tutorials *

Full playlist of lessons here:

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Blog update thing:
Sorry folks, this video was super late. I was up all night to record it, edit it, then re-record some parts, and it's been a I did it!
Though next time something happens like this, I might just scrap the whole video and do another one the next day when I'm not so rushed.
It happens ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
I hope you guys enjoy it, even if it's not the best I could have done.
I know some of you are waiting for some other kinds of modding tutorials. Fear not! This is the last of the DIF editing tutorials in the series, so we'll move onto the next thing (probably ASG or something else).
Anyway, there's more to come! Thanks everyone ;)
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