I hired 5 Valorant editors to make me a Raze montage. Here is the result...

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I hired 4 Valorant montage editors on Fiverr and 1 exclusive editor that I know. I sent them 7 Raze / Phoenix clips from competitive Valorant games and had them edit a 30 - 60 second montage.

Fiverr editors ▼

1. Bjornihasan, song: Killval - So Long
2. khxn66366, song: Pink Chanel Dior - Maradona
3. Derhoniglecker, song: B00sted - High Up (ft. KNOWN.)
4. dbeast_editors, song: NEFFEX - Fight Back
5. (Not Fiverr) Triton, song: SWARM & TINYKVT - Devil's At Your Door

Big thanks to Triton for hooking me up with a cool edit by the end of the video:

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