I survived 100 days on the Oldest Anarchy Minecraft Server — 2b2t — and this is what happened...

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In this video project. Bucky and I spent 100 Minecraft Days inside of 2b2t. The Oldest Anarchy Server in Minecraft.

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2b2t is a Minecraft server with absolutely no rules. Built completely by the players without any sort of direction. The world is player-driven and over 10 years old.

Many players decide to use Hacked Clients while logging into 2b2t. Such as Impact or Future. I decided to use Impact myself to help this adventure.

Some controversies in 2b2t involve large lag machines, trapping new players in boats so they can't log in, infamous griefers who destroy everything they touch such as Popbob, and of course the YouTubers.

Many Popular Creators have logged into this server, and some like FitMC and SalC1 devote the majority of their channel to talking about this server. However, there have been many others who have logged into 2b2t such as TommyInnit, TapL, and even Mr. Beast that one time just because he could.

Throughout these 100 days, I created a masterpiece of a base with Bucky. We challenge you, the 2b2t community, to find our base and do whatever you want with it.

The 100 days of Minecraft Trend was started by LukeTheNotable. This unique twist involves me delving into 2b2t. A 10-year-old Anarchy Minecraft Server. We explore, discover, and build a LOT.

Some other creators who have created 100-day videos include socksfor1 and Forge Labs.


First Video where I Escape the 2b2t Spawn:

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