instant super soft poha idli recipe - no soda, no fermentation | instant avalakki idli recipe

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poha idli recipe | instant poha rava idli | avalakki idli with detailed photo and video recipe. an easy, soft and puffy south indian breakfast idli recipe made with poha and idli rava. it is an ideal alternative to the traditional idli recipe which is made with rice and urad dal in combination with 8 plus hour fermentation. this recipe is made instant in 30 minutes without any fermentation and also no baking soda and eno fruit salt is used to hasten the fermentation process.
poha idli recipe | instant poha rava idli | avalakki idli with step by step photo and video recipe. in india, breakfast recipes are mainly made with different types of steamed south indian cuisine breakfast meals. mainly it is made with a combination of rice and lentil with an optional fermentation process which adds the necessary flavour and taste to it. yet there are other instant and cheat variant to these traditional recipes and poha idli or avalakki idli is one such simple variant.

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