Judah Clark's MIAMI VICE Halloween Party 2020!!!

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In this episode of The Fishing Adventures of Judah Clark, the Fisher Twins and I host a Miami Vice Halloween Party at my house in Miami, FL! This was the last party we had in that house before taking our show on the road and heading to our first stop, the beautiful island of Islamorada in the Florida Keys. We had food catered from Maya'mi Cocina, a delicious artisan taco food truck located here in Miami in the Upper Buena Vista area. We also had cocktails made with Kombucha from my friend's local brewery called Brewing Life Kombucha. We had such a great time enjoying everyone's company, drinking, dancing and jumping in the pool! Hope you enjoy and continue to follow us on our future adventures!

Our next stop was the island of Islamorada in The Florida Keys where we stayed in a waterfront house I rented when I first came down to Florida 3 years ago to learn how to freedive and spearfish. You can view and rent this property by visiting . We spent 2 weeks there in December for my birthday, then continued South to Key West for another couple of weeks before flying to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico where we are currently filming!


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Maya'mi Cocina | Tu Casa
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Brewing Life Miami

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Stay tuned for a ton of new and exciting content showcasing some of the most epic fishing and spearfishing adventures of Judah Clark and his guests!
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