Jurassicraft 2.0 Official Pre-Release Mod Showcase (Minecraft 1.8)

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It's Minecraft Jurassicraft, but not as you've ever seen it before. Welcome To Jurassicraft This is a mod showcase of the latest and greatest Jurassicraft for Minecraft ! Take a look as we show you all the fantastic new dinosaurs and features of the mod!

Check out my BRAND NEW Jurassic World series using Jurassicraft and Minecraft ! -

Jurassicraft 2 0 Official Teaser Trailer (Minecraft ) -
How To Make Dinosaurs - The Jurassicraft 2 0 Guide (Minecraft ) -
How To Install Jurassicraft (Minecraft Jurassicraft Forge Installation Guide) -

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Outro - Vocals and lyrics by me, melody by Incompetech.
Music - Incompetech, AudioMicro and Epidemic Sound.
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