Kerbal Universe 2 Mod Spotlight V2.3 (KSP 0.24.2)

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"This Planet".

A mod spotlight covering what is offered from the Kerbal Universe 2 Mod that is being developed by Poryy. A great mod that adds a bunch of new planets that have their own unique traits and just adds more places to explore and setup bases. As well as adding two new stars in the fear reaches of space that are very challenging to get to.

Get the Mod Here: (Please read the forum page for warnings and install instructions.

(Note: It requires Planetfactory CE; don't assume it will 'just work')

Planetfactory CE can be found here:

Also note a few things that you may experience that I didn't go over in the video. If you textures appear 'broken'. Meaning if they say "default" or they look red/white then it is a RAM issue. I have been able to solve this by going to KSP settings and selecting "Half-Res", then restarting the game. There are a variety of other bugs that are caused mainly by Planetfactory CE, so I don't recommend using pre-existing saves for this mod.

This video is different than the ones I usually do. Most of the spotlights I do cover technical mods where I show and tell what something is and how to use it. For this one I kind of just showed because there isn't much to tell. Though I can't teach you how to use this mod since it doesn't add technical parts I can tell you it is a lot of fun to land on the distant planets because you need to build a station in itself just to get a lander out that far.

Kerbal Space Program is developed by Squad go check them out:
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