Lady C on The Queen's Rep 2 verify birthing of Meghan's progeny; her appropriating Irishness

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In the hundred and twenty seventh episode Lady Colin Campbell explains why Hollywood High Society intend to spurn Harry and Meghan; discusses the ramifications of Meghan being cast as a redhaired Irish woman in the remake of the John Wayne/Maureen O'Hara classic The Quiet Man, in the light of woke attitudes to cultural appropriation; the consequence of reports questioning the attendance of the nurse and doctor at Archie's birth; why a home delivery is not only unwise for the safety of a geriatric mother and her baby but also because of the questions surrounding Meghan and surrogacy; and why the continuing speculation is undesirable for all concerned and can be ended by the public writing to The Queen and The Prime Minister Boris Johnson asking that they reinstate the system of a representative of the British State being present as a witness at royal births to ensure that there can be no doubt as to the identity of the mother.




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