[LIVE] MHP3rd - Online Multiplayer | Just Having Fun | Session 1

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Hello Hunters welcome back. This day i'll try to streaming MHP3rd on Youtube, i hope this 1st stream success and i'll do it again next day in the same time zone.

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Playlist Weapons Guide MHP3rd :
Switch Axe :
Dual Blade :
Long Sword :
Great Sword :
Hammer :
Sword & Shield :
Gun Lance :
Lance :
Hunting Horn :
Light BowGun :
Heavy BowGun :
Bow and Arrow :

Playlist Mix Armor Low Rank and High Rank :
Low Rank Blademasters :
High Rank Blademasters :
Low Rank Gunner` : (on minute 5:36)
High Rank Gunner :

i-Frame (Dodge everything with roll) :
All about Offensive Skills from MHP3rd :
All about Defensive Skills from MHP3rd :

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