Love Letter: September 2020 Progress Report

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A lot of stuff was made in Love Letter than what's shown in this video, but we're trying to keep gameplay a surprising experience so you don't become bored with the demo! Thank you for following Project "Love Letter"!

Models Shown: QVA-Jangel, MoccaDeShibe
Phone Artwork: Skiki™
New UI: Q, Izu
Music: Ninty

Note from the Dev:
Please keep the comments drama-free and respectful! Please don't compare Love Letter to any other game, nor put Love Letter on a higher pedestal. I'm trying my best to improve myself as a person, and a game developer. I just want to make a game that everyone will enjoy - so hopefully you'll enjoy it!
~ Apeis
Side Note: I know I've did some very stupid things in the past, which I'm not proud of. But I was young, less than 18, in-fact. I've improved since then.

Love Letter is an up-and-coming social simulation game that allows you to take on the role of a Yandere, a girl who is sweet on the outside but ruthless on the inside.
It'll focus on the social simulator aspects of the game more than murder, aka social sabotage, manipulation, and more creative ways to get rid of your opponents/rivals!
Remember: Keep composure, don't let Senpai find out your TRUE feelings, at not
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