MAP ORIENTATED SKINS MOD for Star Wars Battlefront 2 (2017)

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This version of Map Orientated Clones adds Improved and Changed Models, On Theed you are able to fight as the 327th Star Battalion. With Improve Body Work on the Clones with additional parts, and The heavy has been kitted to look like the 327th Commander Bly, The Kamino War has been updated, now with models of the clone troopers, all looking more similar to add to the kind of feel that happened in the Clone Wars Battles play as both the 501st and 212th Legion, and the same as before i have allowed access to the 41st camo Legion on the planet of Kashyyyk
- New Part Assett additions:
- Commander Bly for Heavy
- Removal of Pauldron and Heavy backpacks from the Heavy and Specialist on Kamino
- Addition of Pauldron and Kama to Assault Class on Naboo
- This does now edit the level bundle for Naboo, so Skins that change character Clothing will conflict with Bly's Visor !
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