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Special thanks also to Justin Liu for this summary of the events of this episode (I removed a few things to get under the character limit)

January 1, 2000-Bill Clinton announces a new focus for the American economy in the wake of the new century, with the ‘debt situation’ and ‘financial crisis looming’ publicly right before his visit to Brazil for talks. It ends with a non-aggression pact being signed.
Clinton begins with a approval rating and the Republican Party being less popular than the Democratic.

February 1, 2000-A new tax bill which raises the tax rate by 1% across the board is put into law.

February 2, 2000-Polls put the Clinton Administration at with the Republican Party being 1% more popular than the Democratic.

March 11, 2000-Seeing the failure of the February Bill, Deregulation, a shocking move away from the Democratic platform is unveiled by the Clintons in an executive order to take effect on May 20, which would cut taxes by 5%. Polls have the Clinton Administration at and the Republican Party being more popular than the Democratic.

March 20, 2000-Pensions are cut by billion. People are angry. Polls have the Clinton Administration at a glorious and the Republican Party thoroughly trouncing by

May 31, 2000-Bill Clinton begins a new focus on diplomacy. Pundits state it will have a great effect on the American influence. Clinton Administration polls at , and the Republicans a lead.

June 6, 2000-European negotiations are mostly unsuccessful with non-aggression pacts between the UK and Luxembourg. One critic says, “Luxembourg?! Well now the American people can sleep soundly knowing the assurance of non-aggression from Luxembourg.”

June 21, 2000-Ahmad Shah Massoud, prominent Mujahideen commander and National Hero of Afghanistan was assassinated by Al-Qaeda after being attacked by two ‘journalists’. He died of his wounds in the hospital.

June 26, 2000-Military spending is cut. Polling at

July 5, 2000-Healthcare severely cut. Polling at 17%. The Democratic Party is now less popular than extreme Right activist parties.

July 30, 2000-Clinton, in an attempt to appease the right-wing branch of his government and people reduce market regulations further, angering the Democrats.

August 5, 2000-A trade deal was signed with Australia to import more steel.

September 5, 2000-The Democratic Party popularity is at and the Clinton Administration has a resounding 12% popularity.
September 13, 2000-Continuing with the tradition of signing things randomly, Ghana and the US enforced its non-aggression pact.

October 7, 2000-Possibly in a correlation with the unpopularity of the left in the USA, the United Kingdom announced their intention to move right with all domestic and foreign policy.

October 8, 2000-Bill Clinton reaffirms his intention to stay with NATO. Polls put him at and his party at

October 17, 2000-Taxes raised by 2%.

November 2, 2000-Taxes raised by 1%.

November 6, 2000-With votes being held in two weeks, the polls read at popularity and his party The largest supporters are big financial markets.

November 15, 2000-Bill Clinton attacks nationalist ideals on foreign policy. His popularity is 11%, his party

December 5, 2000-A German construction project is accepted in Wyoming. Polls read at , Dems

December 6, 2000-Taxes raised by 2%

December 17, 2000-It seems the world balance of power is shaking with the monumental leap as the United States seeks closer ties with the not-even-decade-old Russian Federation.

January 6, 2001-Education further cut by Clinton. While a small victory in the bucket of issues he’s made, the government does face a surplus now.

January 20, 2001-Bill Clinton won the election with a lot of campaign filibusters, double voting, and otherwise cheating through legal loopholes, as his popularity is a stagnant 10.

April 7, 2001-Ever since the February taxes and overall instability, demand for American items had been lowering, colliding eventually into a financial recession. Polls read at

May 12, 2001-Bill Clinton was tremendously unpopular, but never had it infiltrated the White House until now, when the Spirit of Revolution called for a change in course. Will the Clinton era end with the end of the USA?

June 9, 2001-Switzerland finally ascends the United Nations. Also, healthcare slashes cause a popularity.

June 17, 2001-Jean Chretien of the Liberal Party is re-elected in Canada.

July 16, 2001-The Spirit of Revolution marches on as thousands protest in the streets. Some documents as fragile as the Constitution are being questioned!

July 22, 2001-Peace of Mogadishu.
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