MineJurassic Harbour Mania Mod Showcase Containers Crates Trucks Minecraft Dinosaurs HD 60FPS Ep312

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MineJurassic Harbour Mania Mod Showcase Containers Crates Trucks Minecraft Dinosaurs HD 60FPS Ep 312

In this video we Showcase the MineJurassic Harbour Mania Mod by Leosaure which introduces lots of new Containers Crates Trucks in Minecraft. A Fantastic Mod for Jurassic Park and Jurassic World!

Harbour Mania is a mod that brings decorations for your harbours, it adds different real and custom logos, containers and harbour vehicles like trucks and trailers. MineJurassic cages and logo can be used on trailers. Customize your docks!

Visit MineJurassic Harbour Mania download pages

Visit MineJurassic Dinosaur Mod download pages

Visit MineJurassic Vehicles Mod download pages

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- 2 Truck : European and American Truck
- A Forklift and a Pallet Truck
- 4 Trailer : Small, Large and 2 vehicle (Deploy and Undeploy)
- 4 Crate: empty, apple, meat and fish
- 6 Small Containers variants: Blue, Orange, Red, Green, Yellow and White
- 6 Containers Kit variants: Blue, Orange, Red, Green, Yellow and White
- Add Dock Manufacturing Table and Paint Pot for obtain all mods elemnts in survival mode.
- Add Band, Number for limited our storage area
- Add 6 logo: NASA, Medical, Minecerdes (link with MJ Vehicle Unimog), DHL, Maersk and Evergreen

A Mod developped by the StarCorps Modding Team and me, LEOSAURE, for the Minecraft A mod based on JurassiCraft and Fossil & Archeology.

MineJurassic is a mod made to bring prehistoric creatures to the world of Minecraft. The Mods also bring Harbour Items and Jurassic Vehicles to Minecraft It is inspired by Jurassic Park, but is not limited to all JP and JW canon: as many creatures and features as possible will be added! Creatures are made JP & JW style, by obtaining fossils, using the fossils to create DNA, inserting the DNA into eggs. Create your own Jurassic Park!

MineJurassic Dinosaurs are as Follow:

°Trias species:
- Herrerasaurus
- Plateosaurus

°Jurassic species:
- Stegosaurus
- Compsognathus
- Metriacanthosaurus
- Diplodocus
- Apatosaurus
- Mamenchisaurus
- Dilophosaurus
- Allosaurus
- Ceratosaurus
- Dryosaurus
- Proceratosaurus
- Segisaurus
- Microceratus
- Torvosaurus
- Lusotitan
- Dimorphodon

°Cretaceous species:
- Triceratops
- Chasmosaurus
- Sinoceratops
- Tyrannosaurus Rex
- Spinosaurus
- Suchomimus
- Troodon
- Velociraptor Sornaensis
- Velociraptor Nublarensis
- Edmontosaurus
- Iguanodon
- Parasaurolophus
- Pachycephalosaurus
- Corythosaurus
- Carnotaurus
- Deinonychus
- Albertosaurus
- Ankylosaurus
- Baryonyx
- Europejara
- Concavenator
- Neovenator
- Hypsilophodon
- Pteranodon Longiceps
- Pteranodon Hippocratesis

°Hybrid species:
- Spinoraptor
- Stegoceratops
- Stegasmosaurus
- Paradeinonychus
- Ankylodocus
- Troodon Demonius
- Carnoraptor

In This episode we are using the following Mods


 Rig Setup
I7 3770K Processor
Palit GeForce GTX 1070 Game Rock Premium Edition Super OC
32 GIG Corsair Ram
27" G-Master 1440p 144hz Red Eagle Monitor
LG 24" 4K 60hz Monitor
Windows 7

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