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Sakurai is a mad man. I'm still in shock. This is may not be my best reaction video, but it's definitely one of my craziest. Theres now way this man brought frikkin Minecraft Steven into Smash Bros. How? HOW DID HE DO IT?! Nintendo forced him into it, and he still said Ima have fun with it and did it! I AINT PREDICITING THE NEXT SUPER SMASH BROS ULTIMATE DLC FIGHTER CAUSE MAN ANYONE MAKE IT AT THIS POINT THIS GAME IS CRAZY

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Channel Art, and Thumbnail were made by Aanvik

Intro and Outro were made by David G Burns

Trainer Art was Made by Keith Montalbo

Images used in this video are not made by me. If you see your artwork used in the video and you wish to be credited just let me know and I will happily credit you here in the description! :D
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