NEET 2021 Preparation Booster | Specific Strategy for NEET 2021

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NEET 2021 exam preparation requires high discipline which many students not able to maintain with consistency. In this video Ashish Arora sir is explaining a specific strategy as NEET 2021 preparation booster for students which helps in auto discipline of students.

Last 6 month strategy for NEET 2021 is very important for all students aspiring for NEET 2021. Students are advised to follow the 7D diary method explained in this video to make their schedule auto disciplined for neet 2021 preparation.

Video by Ashish Arora sir on Tips to achieve AIR 100 to 500 in NEET 2021 at this link -

As mentioned in this video, for detailed understanding on How to build Photographic Memory, watch:

To understand Synchronous Subject study technique, watch:

How to study NCERT and create NCERT Short notes has been explained by Ashish sir in the following video:

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