Neverwinter Mod 20 - Barbarian DPS ALL Ratings Reached High Crit/Severity/CA Augment Update Build

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Well, i managed to, with huge help with kret, to get some numbers in line, still more fun then running he`s, and to gain decent IL on barbarian blademaster for mod 20 sharandar neverwinter.
Regarding the ratings you will see in video how i manage to put this together, and i feel i can be more then effective.
Ratings are capped power, accucary, combat advantage, critical chance & critical severity.
Regarding percentages, power is 90 percent, accuracy 61, combat advantage is arround 81 percent with capped ratings, and critical chance and severity capped at 90 also.
Overall i`m satisfied, and i`m going to make this version with 6x indomitable runestones and go from there in few days.
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Intro 00:00 - 01:05
Gear/Enchantments/artifacts/food 01:05 - 07:10
Powers 07:10 - 08:58
Boons 08:58 - 09:18
Companions 09:18 - 11:04
Mounts & Insignias: 11:04 - 12:16
Rotation and Stats: 12:16 - 13:09
Outro: 13:10 - 13:26

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