NEW DB Legends Style Transforming Vegito, SSG Shallot, Kamin & Oren MOD | Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2

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This video showcases four interesting and cool mods for Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2! The first mod is a Dragon Ball Legends Style Vegito. This Vegito not only has a unique Transformation Animation(from DBL), but he also has Custom Skills that are from Dragon Ball Legends. Specifically his YEL & PUR Version that is in DBL. As a disclaimer, the “Super Spirit Sword” and “Big Bang Flash” moves were added in by me for this specific video. Both of those moves are NOT part of the original mod.

The 2nd mod consists of Shallot, who is able to transform into SSJ1, SSJ2, SSJ3, & Super Saiyan God.

The final two are Kamin & Oren from Super Dragon Ball Heroes. Although I haven’t covered mods in awhile, I have to say that all four of these mods are pretty cool. Either way, I hope you enjoy

HalloweenPandas, Brandonator275 , & Dexio [Vegito, his transformation & Custom Skills]
*In addition to these people, the description of the mod also gives credit to the Revamp Team in general*


ZeroMortals Modders( BullShark,Falcon,Infinite Chaos,Far knight,Zitro,JWP,Nigthawk,Vaijack,Someone1,Sukoji. Tsu and Duke also provided help, according to the description in the XVmods website)

Azura95(Super Spirit Sword)

Mod Showcase: 0:00
Transforming Vegito VS Battles: 3:24
Shallot VS Battles: 5:52
Kamin and Oren VS Battles: 8:29
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