OSRS Modcast (Q&A) November 2nd - Leagues feedback and fixes, and Mod Ayiza is back!

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Leagues II – Trailblazer: it’s Old School like you’ve never seen it before! ????

Start in Misthalin, complete tasks, and use League Points to forge your own path across Gielinor. That Dragon trophy is as good as yours!

0:00 - Intro
0:37 - Announcements
1:54 - Mod Husky arrives (sort of)
2:06 - Many computer issues
2:46 - 'Best stream ever'
3:02 - Mod Kieren speaks again
3:12 - Mod Kieren takes over the announcements
9:03 - How is everybody?
11:24 - How happy are you with the Leagues release? What were your expectations?
13:58 - What are some unexpected synergies you’ve seen with relics that you’d never have thought of during playtesting?
16:39 - Now it’s live, do you think any specific region was underpowered?
20:32 - Are we going to see any tweaks to relics?
24:00 - What regions and relics have the team picked so far?
28:26 - Have you considered doing game modes like leagues more around the summertime so people (who might still be in school or something like that) have more time to play?
30:38 - What do you think of the many suggestions to improve the task interfaces?
39:53 - Considering this game mode is all about the fun aspect, why are choices on relics so heavily punished? Couldn't there be a way to change a relic tier somewhere down the line?
43:48 - Would it be possible to lower the respawn timer for God Wars bosses in leagues?
46:55 - Why do relics work the way they do at Zalcano?
48:46 - Will the leagues store be open for business before the leagues end?
51:22 - First relic choice stats from launch day.
53:12 - Clue Scrolls quick-fire questions.
55:58 - Old School's new Senior Community Manager
57:07 - The jig is up
57:22 - Welcome back Mod Ayiza!
57:32 - What have you been up to?
1:00:02 - From the outside what do you make of the progress/direction of Old School? What are your thoughts on the Leagues launch?
1:03:18 - How has day 1 been back at Jagex?
1:04:45 - How does it feel joining when working from home?
1:07:30 - Did you ever wish you were back at Jagex to fix something? If so what would you have fixed?
1:10:46 - Next bot busting stream?
1:11:40 - Throwback to Ayiza's first live stream question and general chatting
1:17:35 - Re-introducing Mod Ayiza
1:19:01 - Growth of the Old School team
1:20:50 - Will Gameblast happen next year?
1:22:47 - Asmongold stream thoughts
1:27:00 - Are the changes discussed earlier for relics finale?
1:31:25 - Quickfire chat questions
1:31:47 - Would you let us change a relic we have chosen? (Wider discussion about Leagues)
1:38:12 - Thoughts on a new skill?
1:50:32 - Update on Last Re-call relic
1:51:26 - October Gazette
1:52:12 - Server lag update
1:53:00 - PvP questions to Ayiza
1:53:25 - Will Deadman get more resources put into it, as Leagues did? And larger PvP discussion.
2:06:40 - Wrapping up.
2:07:00 - Announcements again.
2:10:20 - Thank you & see you next time!

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