Pakistani Drama | Masters - Episode 33 Promo | IAA2O | Express TV

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Pakistani Drama | Masters - Episode 33 Promo | IAA2O | Express TV

Drama Title:

Directed by : Aqeel Saeed Tashi
Written by : Khurram Nizami
Produce by : Ultimate Productions Shuffler Films

Cast :
Zulqarnain Sikandar, Romaisa Khan, Hina Ashfaque, Farhan Ally Ahgha,Hashim Butt, Adil Wadia, Irfan Motiwala, Beena Chaudhary, Kanwal Naz, Akhter Hasnain, Mojiz Hasan Zaidi, Misha Malik, Saman Malik, Parveen Somroo, Furqan Rajpoot, Gul e Rana

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