PROJECT BRUTALITY 3.0 [DOOM The Plutonia Experiment 21-30] (100% SECRETS)

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Welcome to the third Plutonia playthrough !

In addition to the usual addons, there are some new ones like the "Hitmarker", "mutators" and the "Doom Blade". I've also added the "Old HMG" and "Real Gore" addons for this video. This playthrough will be played with "Man AND a Half" difficulty and the "Chaotic Random" preset, which will feature almost every kind of weapon/upgrade/enemy in this awesome mod.

All of the music is from the Baconater's addon. It contains mostly tracks from the BYHAE album, made by the awesome one and only elguitarTom. He created some of the best Doom/Quake music on this planet, Hell and Mars combined. You can check his incredible work here:

Few Notes:
*I've increased the fatality speed by 23%. Why? because i like speed and it's fun haha

*There is an awesome funny glitch with the fatalities. Sometimes it shows the wrong sprites for no reason XD

*I used the Old HMG V2, the link down below is for V3. I know this weapon is OP AF, but it's fun as hell to use, so i don't care. In version V2 you had to spawn it manually by typing: "summon oldhmg"

*I don't know why the game dropped to 7 fps at the end of level 29

*Unfortunately, the grappling hook was removed in the newer versions :(

Level 21: Slayer 0:09
Level 22: Impossible Mission 5:03
Level 23: Tombstone 14:01
Level 24: The Final Frontier 24:21
Level 25: The Temple of Darkness 28:31
Level 26: Bunker 33:56
Level 27: Anti-Christ 42:37
Level 28: The Sewers 47:24
Level 29: Odyssey of Noises 58:53
Level 30: The Gateway of Hell 1:09:53

MOD links:

Baconater's Metal Soundtrack:

Real Gore:

PB Mutators:


CatsVisor HUD:

Doom Blade:

Old HMG:

Doom guy radio voice:

Doom DHTP (high res texture pack ):

MOD load order in ZDL Launcher:
Baconater's Custom Music

Required Files:
A PLUTONIA wad , Project Brutality latest build from the official Discord:

I failed to find the original author of the thumbnail art :(
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