Pullback Trading Strategy (Intraday Price Action Trading Strategy)

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In this Intraday Trading Strategies video, I cover Intraday Pullback Trading Strategy based on Intraday Trading Price Action Concepts

What is pullback and psychology behind pullback?
A pullback is a price movement that moves in against the trend. It is a temporary price movement before it resumes back into the main market direction. Pullbacks are sometimes referred to as price Correction or retracement. Pullback occurs when price moves at least one bar against the opposite direction of the trend.

The benefits of pullback trading
There are several benefits to trading pullbacks. Some of them are as follows:
1. Trading pullback lets you have a tighter stop loss as your trade location is good and this gives you a better risk to reward
2. From a psychological standpoint, it’s easier to pull the trigger as you’re buying high and selling low

in this Pullback Trading Strategy (Intraday Price Action Trading Strategy) you will learn
How to “predict” where the pullback will end
how to trade intraday pullback trading strategy .how to trade pullback
How to set your stop loss when trading pullbacks
00:00 INTRO
00:55 how to analysis
1:00 initial candle and trend identification(initial move)
2:47 opening range pullback (ORPB)
6:10 Time spent at pullback end
7:17 volume and price action signal for entry and stop loss
8:49 how price moving after entry
10:17 target
10: 20 examples of pullback trading strategy

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