Regular income strategy in tamil | Strategy to buy stock at low price | Cash secured put in tamil

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Explained in tamil about the strategy to buy a stock at low price and if not, you can earn a regular money as an income from stock market. Explained about this Cash secured put strategy right from how to do, various scenarios that may happen in this strategy, advantages and disadvantages. Also explained the important points to be noted in this cash secured put strategy.

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Knowledge is Power and I believe it strongly. So lets learn from the basics, understand the technical & fundamental concepts of Stock market and many more information related to financial world in tamil.
If u are normal retail investor, trader or even entrepreneur, business person doing simple Facebook marketing learning from online tutorials, other social media or involved in cryptocurrency or fiat bitcoin, ethereum or having career on other currency trading like US dollars from either India or USA, trying to make some profit from eCommerce campaigns, ads or advertisements or coupons, deals like special flash sales on budget mobiles, android smartphones or even involved in politics or entertainment cinema industry - You can all think of learning stock market for free here to build your wealth for the future.

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