Spring Boot Password Encryption for application properties file using Jasypt

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Learn to use Jasypt library for encrypting credentials (username and password) in Spring Boot configuration file ( and ). Jasypt is Java Simplified Encryption library that is high secured and high performance with standard-based encryption algorithms. It provides seamless and transparent integration with Spring Boot.

In this video, I will guide you how to:
- Use Jasypt Maven plugin with default encryption configuration (for those who don't have deep knowledge about encryption algorithm)
- Use a custom encryptor to customize various parameters of the encryption algorithm

In details, you will learn:
- Setup dependencies for Jasypt library and Jasypt Maven plugin
- Encrypt a single String value
- Decrypt an encrypted string value
- Encrypt username and password of data source in file
- Decrypt encrypted values in file
- Encrypt username and password in file
- Re-encryption with a new private key
- Code a custom Jasypt configuration class
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