Spring Boot With Microservices P5 | Properties Files - Application Properties Example Part 2

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Spring Boot With Microservices P5 Properties Files - Application Properties
spring boot properties file example
The code is available here:

Hey, Folks today we are going to test the examples programs on Properties files, what are properties files, how to use the properties files, how can we read the values from application properties files.

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This whole series contains a lot of Realtime Spring boot examples.
We are going to cover each and everything from Spring Boot.
Some of them are mentioned below.

Spring Boot With Microservices Part 4
Course Content - All things based on Realtime scenarios.

Introduction of Spring Boot
Need and Features of SpringBoot
Spring Boot over Spring MVC
Runners In Spring Boot
Properties file Concept - Realtime Examples
Application YAML File
Profiles in Spring Boot - Realtime Examples
Boot Starter Class
How to build and Deploy -JAR and WAR on the External server.
Spring Boot Configuration
Lombok API
Annotation - That we are used in Realtime
Spring Boot Standalone - Project

command line runner vs applicationrunner
command line runner spring boot example

Web Application - (Project) --- JSP / ANGULAR
Spring Boot DATA JPA
Spring Boot - (ORACLE/ SQL SERVER) / NoSQL
Realtime using SQL - procedures - also - If time permits
Rest Web Services
Spring Boot Security
Spring Boot Swagger
Spring Boot Email Example
Spring Boot Scheduling

: Maven
: Gradel
: GitHub
: SonarQube
: Junit/Mockito

Logical Questions on Java

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spring boot microservices example
spring boot microservices tutorial
spring boot with microservices example
spring boot with microservices tutorial
spring boot with microservices project
spring boot tutorial
spring boot tutorial for beginners
spring boot tutorial for experienced
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