【SSBU】 No GSP :( | Online Match #66 (Sephiroth Gameplay) | Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Multiplayer

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Sephiroth match VS The Villager on super smash bros ultimate (ssbu) online multiplayer quickplay mode.

Hey, super smash bros YouTuber ThePurestOne here (TPO for short) and this YouTube gaming channel is dedicated to the super smash bros series but in particular (at least for now) super smash bros ultimate (SSBU). If you like to watch online multiplayer gameplay of super smash bros ultimate (SSBU) or any super smash bros game in general be sure to subscribe for the future content. Some super smash bros ultimate (SSBU) videos have commentary some super smash bros ultimate (SSBU) videos will have no commentary. But nonetheless should be nice to watch.

SSBU = Super Smash Bros Ultimate on Nintendo Switch
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