Sweet First Love EP15 ENGSUB | Su Muyun Finally Confess His Love To His Adopted Sister!

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【Drama】 Sweet First Love Official Trailer 甜了青梅配竹马
【Synopsis】 When Zhuo Yifeng was seven years old, she witnessed the death of her parents in a car accident and suffered a huge blow with the selective amnesia, and she forgot this experience. Her parents left her with Su Zijian, their best friend. She got a new name Su Nianfeng, growing up with Su Muyun, who was two years younger. After growing up, Su Muyun was a man of the hour in the school, but Su Nianfeng was just a nobody. In the third grade of high school, Su Nianfeng decided to apply for medical school under the influence of his friend Le Diyin who was suffering from a strange disease. And Su Muyun helped her to realize her dream secretly. The ideal university life unfolded as expected, but the so-called truth exposed by the school flower Ouyang Qingxue disrupted everything, causing Su Nianfeng to misunderstand the Su family. With the help of her friends, Su Nianfeng left the Su family to live independently, and started to find the truth. She also felt Su Muyun's deep love for herself. Finally, a contract revealed the "truth" of the car accident that year and resolved the misunderstanding. With Su Muyun's unremitting pursuit and the assistance of friends, Su Nianfeng finally let go of her knot and stayed with the boy from her childhood first-love.
【Cast】Ryan Ren 任世豪, Kabby Xu 许雅婷, Zheng Fanxing 郑繁星, Gao Yufei 高煜霏, Xiao Kaizhong 肖凯中

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