The Minecraft Server Where You Get BANNED for Dying...

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On this Hardcore Minecraft server, you only have ONE LIFE, as it's in HARDCORE When you DIE, you get

Discord -
Twitch -

LinusStudios (Semi-Anarchy) Java Minecraft Server, Hosted by PebbleHost:
Version: and

Subbug -
Wtrmln -
Plushy -

Today, my friends and I explored a few hardcore Minecraft servers. Will we survive and be able to keep playing? Like the video and subscribe if you enjoyed the video! Let's get to 20,000 likes! Thanks guys for 200,000 subscribers!
These HARDCORE MINECRAFT SERVERS are INSANE , HILARIOUS , and INTENSE! Playing in hard core definitely reminded me of Philza and Luke theNotable 's videos, definitely fun to play on!

Join the hardcore server! (Not mine):

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