The Spiritual Rosary Pilgrimage Sampler Promo 2020

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For over 800 years the Holy Catholic Apostolic Church has taught the Gospel of Jesus Christ on a string of beads called the Rosary! Given to St Dominic by Our Lady, Mary, the Mother of God the Rosary is also known as the Psalter of the Blessed Virgin Mary! It is a meditation on the life of Christ through His Most Holy Mother, the Intercessor of the People.

Join over 15,000 Pilgrims as Parousia proudly presents in partnership with Smart Catholics and Pentecost Pilgrimage "The Spiritual Rosary Pilgrimage"!

Join Fr Donald Calloway, Deacon Harold Burke-Sivers, Steve Ray, The Sisters of the Immaculata, Dr Christine Wood, Tomasz & Sarah Juszczak, Jason Evert, Dr John Bergsma, Christopher West, Tim Staples, Fr Mitch Pacwa, Sonja Corbitt, Dr Edward Sri, Fr Leo Patalinghug, Fr John Flader, Simon & Maddie Carrington, Emmanuel Rentoy, Fr Larry Richards, John Sablan, Robert Haddad, Deacon Peter Pellicaan, Ralph Martin, Dr Scott Hahn, Chris Check, Alan Smith, Danny & Leila Abdullah, Fr Robert Spitzer, Fr Edward Looney and more!
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