Top 23 New & Awesome Mods for Minecraft 1.16.5! [Forge & Fabric]

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Hey guys! Here's another episode of my weekly series, there's 23 mods here, some which I really like, including a few good ones for Fabric too. Check back next week for another episode, and my other weekly video which covers even more mods :) Thanks for your support!

Shaders: BSL Shaders
Songs: [The Sinner - Sun Wave][Highlander - Andre Aguado]

Colds Ostriches: [FORGE]
Instant Death: [FORGE]
Furnace Pickaxe: [FORGE]
Trevor Creatures Reborn: [FORGE]
Little Critters: [FORGE]
Unusually Decorative: [FORGE]
Simple Double Jump: [FORGE]
Relics: [FORGE]
Colds Grappler: [FORGE]
Random Mob Effects: [FORGE]
Enchanting Books: [FORGE]
The Abyss Beginning: [FORGE]
Desolation: [FORGE]
Desolation: [FABRIC]
Time in a Bottle: [FORGE]
Time in a Bottle: [FABRIC]
Big Items: [FORGE]
Big Items: [FABRIC]
More Shields: [FABRIC]
Auto Clicker: [FABRIC]
Enhanced Attack Indicator: [FABRIC]
Animal Feeding Trough: [FABRIC]
Battle Axes: [FABRIC]
Basic Wormholes: [FABRIC]
No Rain & Snow: [FABRIC]
Mo' Colors: [FABRIC]

0:00 - Intro
0:13 - Colds Ostriches [FORGE]
0:42 - Instant Death [FORGE]
0:52 - Furnace Pickaxe [FORGE]
1:16 - Trevor Creatures: Reborn [FORGE]
1:32 - Little Critters [FORGE]
1:45 - Unusually Decorative [FORGE]
2:01 - Simple Double Jump [FORGE]
2:16 - Relics [FORGE]
2:46 - Colds Grappler [FORGE]
3:04 - Random Mob Effects [FORGE]
3:25 - Enchanting Books [FORGE]
3:50 - The Abyss: Beginning [FORGE]
4:18 - Desolation [BOTH]
4:40 - Time in a Bottle [BOTH]
4:56 - Big Items [BOTH]
5:10 - More Shields [FABRIC]
5:24 - Auto Clicker [FABRIC]
5:44 - Enhanced Attack Indicator [FABRIC]
6:05 - Animal Feeding Trough [FABRIC]
6:26 - Battle Axes [FABRIC]
6:51 - Basic Wormholes [FABRIC]
7:14 - No Rain & Snow [FABRIC]
7:31 - Mo' Colors [FABRIC]
7:53 - Outro

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