Tumblr vs Blogger

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So I've used both Tumblr and Blogger and both platforms are great, but they are not without their limits. Tumblr is ideal for curating content and blogger is for traditional long form content. So which one is best?

If you're wanting to start a personal blog then go with Blogger. It's more ideal as it's geared for long form content with videos and images. Plus, you can actually rank a blogger blog and get that organic search traffic. In addition, you can run display advertising with Google AdSense and engage in affiliate marketing.

Tumblr is part social media website, part content platform. Not ideal for long form content, think of it like Twitter except amped up. It's ideal to curate content for yourself and others and to engage with the Tumblr community. With enough attention on the platform, leveraging affiliate links does become possible but I would not go with Tumblr for commercial purposes. Last, Tumblr does not allow you to run display ads.


???? CUSTOM DOMAIN - Regardless of the platform, you'll want to get a custom domain and for that I suggest Namecheap: ➡

► Create a Blogger blog tutorial video:

► Start a Tumblr blog! Tutorial video here:

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